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Dr. Jan Dilley

I believe that our bodies have a unique ability to heal themselves when given the right resources. This miraculous, (God ordained) process allows our symptoms to go away naturally and safely. Having the knowledge and right resources allows us to take responsibility for our health, and taking charge of our health is true freedom.

Holistic Iridologist, “The eyes are the window to the soul”. Every weakness and strength of your tissues, organs will show up in your eyes. Excellent way to work on weaknesses before disease shows up in the body.

Dr Jan Dilley PhD DNM

My Services

SCIO Identifies and measures stress levels, down to the cellular level.

Iridology Science and practice of eye analysis.

AMI Restores your body to optimal health, balance and function.

IQS  Explore hundreds of specific health issues in a single session.


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3 “Dr. Jan is the best at what she does – hands down!”


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