Fir Pad

Fir Pad The FIR heating pad is a delightful gift complete with storage carry bag.

Why use the Far Infrared Heating Pad?
Are you not feeling well and you want to snuggle up to something warm that will make you feel better? Is it that time of the month? Have you hurt yourself or are your shoulders in knots? Do you have a sports injury? Are you suffering from muscle tension and fatigue? Here is a soft and cozy far infrared therapeutic heating pad that warms the body and lessens and removes aches and pains, promoting healing and wellness.

This high quality Far Infrared (FIR) heating pad is soft, flexible and may be used for your shoulders, waist, back, legs, abdomen or arms, to temporarily relieve and reduce pain, muscle aches, soreness, monthly pains and sports injuries.

The far infrared warming pad may be placed anywhere on the body to relax tight muscles and tension. Far Infrared heat increases circulation, supporting relaxation.

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