Parasites and your Health: 80% of Americans have them

Parasitic infestations are more common than you think. Many times a parasite can thrive in the human body and show no signs of its presence, especially if you have a strong immune system.  Others will feel constantly ill, be on medication, including antipsychotic drugs.

One of the most common parasites is yeast, a single celled parasitic organism that causes abdominal cramping, bloating, gas, and sometimes anal itching.

Pinworms are extremely common, it’s hard to avoid infestation because their eggs are often airborne.

Tapeworms can grow as long as 30 feet in our intestines, and are capable of producing a million eggs a day!

Here are 3 RED Flags that may indicate you are carrying a parasite:

  • Chronic digestive issues – digestive pain, gas, bloating, fatigue
  • Mental distress – depression, anxiety, behavioral changes, feel like your skin is crawling
  • Autoimmune disorders – parasites infecting the gut can ignite an inflammatory cascade in the body, body aches, headaches, irritable bowel, reactive arthritis, etc

What can be done?  Our clinic offers several recommendations:  Herbals that deal with parasites, homeopathic tinctures, and using the Electro Reflex Energizer. (ERE) You can check out more about the ERE at my website

One thing to remember about parasites, although most of them lack a brain, as we know it, they are highly developed survival machines.  They focus their energies on eating and reproducing. Getting rid of them takes persistence, and it can be done.

We have had excellent success using the ERE for parasites, because the frequencies exterminate, execute, and destroy them.

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