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Toxic Zone Questionnaire

Find out which organs are the most toxic. Fill out the questionnaire and send your “yes” scores from the last page for a free recommendation…

Download Toxic Zone Questionnaire

  • is totally non-invasive, requiring only 5 comfortable straps at wrists, ankles and forehead
  • measures, compares and provides feedback on over 10,000 compounds in the test matrix, it is completely independent of user-error, personal bias or machine malfunction
  • establishes a tri-vector relationship between the body being tested and the compound database, offering a 3-dimensional view of the body’s health
  • maintains a hand-shake with the body, for nano-second bio-response testing – meaning that the SCIO samples your body many times every second
  • has built-in auto-focus therapies, meaning it cannot cause harm, ensuring that pathogens cannot mutate and resonate at a different frequency
  • works on the physical, mental and emotional levels because all 3 react in the body electro-magnetically and can be accurately measured
  • provides feedback in minutes, not hours or days
  • recommends therapies based on nutrition, homeopathic, electro-acupuncture and naturopathy for complete holistic healing

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