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Parasites – Did you know that 80% + Americans have parasites?

Parasitic infestations are more common than you think….  Many times a parasite can thrive in the human body and show no signs of its presence, especially if you have a strong immune system.  Others will feel constantly ill, be on medication, including antipsychotic drugs. One of the most common parasites is yeast, a single celled parasitic organism that causes abdominal …

Could Your Water Intake Cause a Thyroid Issue?

Many people with thyroid issues have been chronically dehydrated for years… if you are suffering from any thyroid disorder; you need to drink more water… How much? Half ounce of water for every pound you weigh. If you weigh 100 pounds, you need 50 oz of water… If you do not drink enough water, your kidneys and adrenals will be …

Hormone Disrupters

What can disrupt your hormones? Showering or bathing in unfiltered water,  direct from the tab – suppresses your thyroid Styrofoam is a hormone disrupter EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) Synthetic nutritional supplements Non-organic meat Toxins Heavy metals and the list goes on, and on…. If you feel your hormones may be out of balance, give me a call for a non invasive …

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