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6 Reasons Why You Should Get a ZYTO/BioMapping Scan

With the development of ZYTO biocommunication, it is easy to identify your body’s biological coherence for things relating to your health.

Your first step to getting more out of life may be as close as a ZYTO scan.

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1 – Insight into your health
Reports from your ZYTO scan provide you with information that may help identify your individual wellness needs. Identifying Virtual Items to which you have an unusual response may give you and
your practitioner insight about wellness issues to keep you functioning at an optimal state.

2 – Identify your biological coherence for nutrition
Does one size fit all when it comes to nutritional support? Of course not! ZYTO scans identify your body’s unique responses. Knowing your biological coherence helps you and your practitioner choose
the nutritional supplements that will support your individual health needs.

3 – Save Money
There are many good nutritional supplements but you probably don’t need them all. Knowing your biological coherence helps you to choose products that are right for you. Choosing well means your
investment in supplements is more likely to pay off, providing you the benefits you need and saving
money on things you don’t need.

4 – Increase Energy
Your body consumes energy in its effort to maintain a healthy balance. When your body uses this energy to deal with life’s extra challenges, like fighting a cold, you will have less energy to perform your day-to-day physical activities. ZYTO helps you to identify the additional support your body may need to maintain wellness and keep your energy levels high.

5 – Track your Health
ZYTO scans give you information ‘in the moment.’ Tracking your scans over time can be beneficial, allowing you to identify trends or long term patterns that you will want to pay particular
attention to. Keeping track of your past can help you predict the future, and reviewing your past ZYTO reports gives you essentially a look back through time.

6 – Peace of Mind
Worrying about your health or the health of a loved one can be incredibly stressful. Sometimes it is hard to put into words what you are feeling, and then there is the added concern about things
of which you may not consciously be aware. Biocommunication takes place at a subconscious level so you don’t have to worry about the words you choose to describe what you are feeling. ZYTO
scan reports introduce a new perspective about your unique biological coherence, enabling a more complete picture to base wellness decisions. Knowing more about your individual health can
make all the difference… giving you an added measure of peace.

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What does your body need to stay healthy? Many people choose to take nutritional supplements but may guess as to what supplement will work best. Even though a supplement may work for someone else, how do you know it’s providing the support you need at the present time?

To make better decisions about these and other health choices you should consider ZYTO biocommunication. Biocommunication is an exchange of information between a computer and your body; it’s like the computer is asking questions and your body is answering them.

Here’s how it works: The ZYTO software runs an energetic signature called a Virtual Item. Virtual Items are representative of physical items including nutritional supplements, body functions, and organs. As each item is run, your body’s electrical esponse is measured and recorded. The way your body responds is energetic; it’s called galvanic skin response or GSR. ZYTO software measures complex GSR patterns and determines shifts in your energetic posture.

These shifts, either negative or positive in relation to a baseline measurement, identify what is called your biological coherence. This information is used to make better decisions about your health.

The Biocommunication Revolution

Biocommunication represents a major breakthrough in gathering information. It’s an effective and unique way to obtain important insights. This information can help your practitioner develop more effective and individualized strategies for you, saving time and money.

“Each person’s uniqueness demands a personalized approach to their individual wellness needs. Using ZYTO technology to know a person’s biological coherence helps me to understand a fuller picture. The ZYTO system does this in an affordable and highly cost-effective manner.” – W. Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H)

ZYTO Hand CradleWhat Can I Expect From My Experience?

The interface between your body and ZYTO’s biocommunication software is the ZYTO Hand Cradle. Simply rest your hand on the contacts while the computer gathers your GSR data. The scan takes a few minutes to complete and is safe for adults and children.

Understanding the ZYTO reports

ZYTO Scan ReportWhen your scan is complete, a report is generated that provides you and your practitioner with helpful information.

This report may provide insights that will prompt a closer look at your biological preference for nutritional supplements and services to help maintain your health and wellness.

Biological preference simply means those Virtual Items to which your body responds most coherently. Using this information, you and your practitioner can decide on a strategy developed specifically for you, based on your body’s responses.

Does your body know what it wants?

Maybe you just need to ask!

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